Virtual brain reconstruction for Neamdetthals
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Horace LaBadie
2018-04-28 22:05:38 UTC
Brain Reconstructions Suggest Reasons for the Decline of Neanderthals

Computer generated simulated reconstructions of Neanderthal brains,
based on cranial measurements and comparisons to modern human and
ancient h.s. show that Neanderthals might have had a smaller cerebellum,
although a larger brain that their cousins.


'But an innovative team has just reconstructed such brains using a
technique called computational neuroanatomy. The 3D models they
produced, reported in the journal Scientific Reports, are the first of
their kind.

"Our attempt to actually reconstruct the brain inside of the fossil
crania is completely new to the field," co-author Naomichi Ogihara of
Keio University's Department of Mechanical Engineering told Seeker.

Ogihara, co-senior authors Norihiro Sadato and Takeru Akazawa, and their
colleagues used virtual casts of four Neanderthal and four early Homo
sapiens skull fossils to reconstruct the size of their brains. The
Neanderthals lived in what are now Israel, France, and Gibraltar. The
early Homo sapiens came from Israel and the Czech Republic.

The authors then used MRI data from the brains of 1,185 living humans to
model the average human brain. They also considered non-human primate
brains and the skull of a Cro-Magnon individual who lived 32,000 years

The resulting computer model was then deformed to match the shape of the
Neanderthal and early Homo sapiens skull casts. This allowed the
researchers to predict what the brains of these humans might have looked
like, and how individual brain regions could have differed between the
two groups.

It should be noted that many researchers believe Neanderthals were
members of our species. Ogihara told Seeker there is ample evidence
"showing that Neanderthals and Homo sapiens interbred. We believe so,
too." '
2018-05-31 03:10:52 UTC
Post by Horace LaBadie
Brain Reconstructions Suggest Reasons for
the Decline of Neanderthals
A smaller cerebellum? That's your reason?

How? Why? Map it out for us.

Studies show that the smaller the cerebellum
in an individual, the....

Fill in the blank.

Can you?

Can anyone?

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