The LM3 Insert
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2019-03-23 19:35:55 UTC
It's a no brainer...

Not all mtDNA lineages are equal. They are not. AND, mtDNA
is under selective pressure. Meaning, the better or more
advantageous lineages are selected over the less advantageous.

LM3 was less advantageous.

It's older so it's probably better suited to warmer climates. And...

Remember: Our mtDNA slows down as it ages, some lineages
sooner than others. The quicker it slows down, the quicker you
erase whatever advantageous it offered.

Like what?

Longevity for the most part. If your mtDNA Peters out you're
probably not going to live into your old age. It's the powerhouse
to the cell, related to everything from our ability to remain
active, fight off cancer and adapt to cold.


We know hundreds of millions if not a billion or more carry the
LM3 line, thanks to a freak mutation that inserted it into the
nuclear DNA. So even as we know for a fact that the dominance
of the LM3 line was replaced we also know that the people

...heck, if a billion people carry the insert than at least twice
that number can trace their ancestry back to the same LM3
population, they simply lost the insert over the years...

Better still: This all proves that the models are wrong! Our
present models all claim that if there WAS an LM3 line but now
there isn't, all those LM3 folks were replaced. But we know for
a fact that this isn't true! We can even find them by the
hundreds of millions, thanks to that freak mutation copying
parts of their mtDNA line to their nuclear DNA, preserving it
and proving their heritage!

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LORD God Almighty
2019-09-09 14:38:05 UTC
New Cumorah Hill by Gee Gee

Westbury White Horse is the oldest of the Wiltshire horses. It is also one of the best situated, being high on a very steep slope and overlooking a panoramic view. It is on New Cumorah Hill (old Westbury Hill), on the edge of Bratton Downs, immediately below an Iron Age hillfort called Bratton Camp, northeast of Westbury, and near villages of Bratton and Edington. There is a car park with a viewing point on the B3098 just east of Westbury, and a car park above the horse on New Cumorah Hill. Lanes up onto the hill are steep and narrow, and are used by horse riders. There has been a white horse on the site for three-hundred (300) years at least. In 1742, the Rev. Wise published the earliest mention of New Cumorah Hill's white horse in "Further Observations on the White Horse and other Antiquities in Berkshire." Mr. George Gee, who was steward to Lord Abingdon, in 1742 had the horse re-cut to a design nearer to its present day appearance. He apparently felt that the older version was not a sufficiently good representation of a horse. One may wonder if the name 'Gee Gee' had made him overly sensitive about horses.

In 1830, the golden plates (called the gold plates - the golden bible), being the source from which Joseph Smith, Sr., and Joseph Smith, Jr., translated the Book of Mormon, were relocated to New Cumorah Hill. Angel Moroni, himself, buried them inside the westernmost Eye of Westbury White Horse. They are embedded in pozzolanic (hydraulic) cement made from Stonehenge pulverized volcanic ash and tuff (containing silica and alumina) and ground lime mix sealing their Bluestone aggregate concrete encasement. A century later the horse had become misshapen, and in 1873 it was restored according to the Rev. Wise LDS Committee, and edging stones were added to help hold the chalk in place. The shape of the present horse dates from this restoration. In the early 20th century, additional concrete was added to hold the edging stones in place. In the late 1950s, it was decided that it would considerably reduce the maintenance costs if the horse were covered in concrete. This work was carried out, and concreting was repeated in 1995. At a later date, White Horse eye pavers, and concrete, were painted.

For many years the marvelous panoramic view from the site of the horse was spoiled by a bisecting local cement works massive chimney. However, in September of 2016, after the closure of the works seven years earlier, the chimney was demolished.

LORD God Almighty