British Museum's Jericho skull reconstructed.
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Horace LaBadie
2017-01-07 16:38:53 UTC
Face of 9,500-Year-Old Man Revealed for First Time


"Researchers have reverse-engineered the ancient ritual practice that
created one of the British Museum's most important artifacts‹the Jericho
Skull‹revealing the face of a man whose remains were decorated and
venerated some 9,500 years ago.

The Jericho Skull is also considered the oldest portrait in the museum's
collection, and, until recently, its most enigmatic: a truncated human
skull covered in worn plaster, with eye sockets set with simple sea
shells that stare out blindly from its display case.

Now, thanks to digital imaging, 3-D printing, and forensic
reconstruction techniques, specialists have recreated the face of the
individual inside the Jericho Skull‹and it turns out to belong to a
40-something man with a broken nose."
2017-01-20 21:44:18 UTC

But be warned: Such reconstructions are
heavily dependent upon racial/ethnic
"Averages," and without DNA it's almost
impossible to accurately identify someone's
race or ethnicity.

For some perspective: Google up some of
the DIFFERENT such reconstructions of
Tutankamun's face. He's about 6,000 years
younger and his family history isn't just
well known, it's the subject of an entire
academic field of study (Egyptology). Yet,
there are clear differences between

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the point of course, for those who can take
a clue, is that this Jericho reconstruction
is probably kind of close -- like in the
ballpark -- but I doubt you could pick out the
real man from a crowd going by it.

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