Don't pre Clovis people in Chili kill off the land bridge?
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2019-05-01 22:14:15 UTC
So we have these people who supposedly lived out
Glacial Maximum up on this so called "Land Bridge,"
people who were unquestionably well adapted to
northern climates, the cold, exploiting the animals
and other life found there...

Let me put it this way: Take Inuit people right now,
a whole group of them, and drop them in Chili. Don't
they pretty much die?

EVERYTHING they know and do, from their tools,
clothing and even their physical/genetic cold
adaptations and then you put them someone else,
somewhere that gets pretty warm.

Why would they be there?

What I'm saying is that these South American finds
seem to suggest one of two things:

#1. Humans were there a VERY long time, enough
time to radiate out, adapt to entirely new

#2. These early South Americans came from
somewhere else.

I personally tend to lean towards "Somewhere else."
Drop sea level more than 100 meters, create whole
continents that currently don't exit, add lots of new
islands... it wasn't as arduous a trip back then as it
would have been thousands of years later. Throw in
an El Nino type current pushing them that way
anyway and, jeez, why the heck not?

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Tabernacle Mishkan @ Stonehenge Heelstone
2019-05-02 01:24:06 UTC